This women’s month, LindsayKeller honours one of the unsung woman leaders of the firm – legal secretary Nicolette Greeff. In this interview, Nicolette tells how she has grown at LindsayKeller and lives her passion for her work.

Sanni Ncube

You are one of LindsayKeller’s experienced legal secretaries. What does a typical day or week at work look like for you?

I have quite a busy schedule during the day, performing several secretarial duties such as preparing legal documents, processing them and ensuring that they comply with the regulations and deadlines of the High Court, Magistrate’s Court, Regional Court and Constitutional Court. In addition, I am responsible for arranging medico-legal appointments, dealing with all correspondence and incoming post and emails, drafting routine correspondence, filing memos, faxing, photocopying … the list goes on. But no matter how busy my day is, I enjoy every moment.

Which personal and professional attributes do you need to be successful in your role?

Always be polite and helpful, self-motivated and able to work independently. You need to work hard, be a team player, communicate effectively with others and have sound knowledge of legal terminology and the litigation processes of the High Court, Magistrate’s Court, Regional Court and Constitutional Court. You also need to be exceptionally well-organised, have excellent copy and audio typing capabilities, and, most importantly, be an example to others.

You have been with the firm for a long time. Why have you remained loyal to LindsayKeller?

I have been with LindsayKeller Attorneys for 14 wonderful years and still enjoy every moment of my time here. I have put down my roots here. The people of LindsayKeller are just so amazing. The atmosphere is amazing. We all work together as a team and help each other where possible. As the saying goes: “A happy worker is a good worker”. I am happy at work and that is what makes me get up with a smile every morning. I look forward to going to work … it is my working space, my happy place and therapy for my mind.

What is the most interesting part your job?

Working independently.

You work closely with some of the women in the firm. Do they motivate you to perform?

Lize-Marie Weideman inspires me in so many ways. She started doing her articles at LindsayKeller Attorneys many years ago and is now the managing partner of the firm. What a great achievement! She is a true example of what a strong woman with remarkable moral values can achieve through hard work.

Has the firm enabled you to grow professionally and personally?

Yes. At LindsayKeller, we are a team of strong, passionate, hardworking and professional people. This inspired me to work harder, learn more, achieve more and excel in what I do. I have gained a lot of knowledge during my years with LindsayKeller.

I wanted to start studying towards a LLB degree, but unfortunately I just did not have the time. Being a full-time working mother of two boys who need a lot of my attention, it was impossible to take on this task. Be that as it may, the firm has helped me to develop the habit of being successful in everything I do.

LindsayKeller has really transformed me into a strong, professional, responsible, motivated and confident young woman who has a lot of knowledge of all aspects of life and work. All of this gives me courage to take on whatever may come my way. Bring it on!