LindsayKeller consultant Terrence Davis’s good track record in working on National Engineering Contracts (NEC) has led to his appointment as adjudicator on the ICE-SA Panel.

The appointment is a first-rate accomplishment for Davis and the firm, as only the finest legal experts in this specialist field are chosen to act as standalone adjudicators in NEC-related disputes.

Davis says his task as adjudicator on the panel will be to make quick and reasonable decisions to facilitate the implementation of NEC terms and conditions. In this way, the NEC contract ensures that an engineering or construction project is successfully completed.

Adjudication is an important management tool of the NEC contract and is conducted by experts.

Davis’s appointment follows years of representing South African and international clients in NEC contract disputes and advising clients on NEC matters. He is looking forward to further sharpening his tools in this field, to the benefit of our clients.

The National Engineering Contract (NEC) was designed to remove the adversarial approach inspired by traditional construction contracts. It encourages the parties to work in harmony with each other by giving each party the assurance that nothing will be done to prejudice a party’s accrued rights.

The NEC dispute resolution is a two tiered process composed of an adjudication followed by an arbitration.

By Danie Weideman

Senior Partner, LindsayKeller Attorneys