Since its inception in 1942, LindsayKeller has served the insurance industry with distinction. The firm continuously reinvents itself but retains the essence that has made it successful.

LindsayKeller leads the way in insurance law

Specialists in Insurance Litigation

We are involved in prominent cases and continue to set legal precedent. We provide insurers with a range of expertise on matters ranging from compliance to the drafting of policy wording and litigation.

Experts in Liability

We specialise in quantifying claims, especially personal injury claims, and advising on issues of cover. We have a strong track record of representing both plaintiffs and defendants in this field.

LindsayKeller has rewritten the law in a number of landmark insurance and liability cases

Voest-Alpine Case

In the Voest-Alpine matter, we were instrumental in redrafting the law on co-insurance clauses in large insurance contracts.

Chartaprops Case

In the Chartaprops case, we played a role in clarifying the liability of principals for the negligent acts of subcontractors.

Bezuidenhout Case

In the Bezuidenhout case, we were responsible for affirming the law on the vicarious liability of employers for the actions of their employees.

In practising law today…

We draw on the large bank of intellectual resources that we have developed over the years. Good governance and continued education and training are the pillars of our practice. We continuously develop our professional and support staff and improve our infrastructure.

Agile and forward-looking, we serve our clients with solution-orientated thinking.


LindsayKeller’s remarkable journey started in 1942. One of our first members, Mr IHL Lindsay, had eminent South African origins: his grandfather was a delegate to the 1910 convention that founded the Union of South Africa.

Lindsay imported Volkswagen into the country after World War II. He set up the LindsaySaker Volkswagen franchise and founded an associated insurance business. This led to the insurance and personal injury work we do today.

We are proud of our notable history. We also value our long tradition of cultural diversity, which underpins our strength.

The law is ever evolving and LindsayKeller has successfully guided its clients through the changing business landscape. In this way, the firm has retained its place among the select few established and respected firms in South Africa.