LindsayKeller has a long and proud history of serving the short-term and general insurance industry with distinction.

In business since 1942, LindsayKeller has worked with prominent insurers, offering services ranging from compliance work to drafting policy wording and litigation.

We have distinguished ourselves through insurance litigation and continue setting precedents in insurance matters through our involvement in high-profile cases.

We are expert in liability and quantum matters, and advise insurers on issues of cover. What further sets us apart is that we also specialise in the quantification of claims, in particular personal injury claims. We have a long track record of successfully representing both plaintiffs and defendants in this field.

The success that has followed us since start-up can be attributed to our in-depth knowledge of a range of fields, including medical negligence, labour law, alternative dispute resolution, correspondence work and conveyancing and notarising.

We pride ourselves on our solution-orientated thinking and practise this ethos by being agile, constantly adapting to the ever-changing legal world.

LindsayKeller’s leading stature is due to our prominent history and tradition of setting legal precedent.

Our origins reach back to IHL Lindsay, the grandson of a delegate to the 1908 National Convention, which saw the birth of the Union of South Africa.

Lindsay imported Volkswagen into the country after World War II and set up the LindsaySaker Volkswagen franchise. This presented the opportunity to found an associated insurance business, which paved the way for the insurance and personal injury work we do to this day.

Over the years, LindsayKeller has made history by rewriting the law in a number of landmark insurance and liability cases. In the Voest-Alpine matter, we were instrumental in redrafting the law on co-insurance clauses in large insurance contracts, and in Chartaprops, we played a role in the delineation of the liability of principals for the negligent acts of subcontractors. We were also responsible for affirming the law on the vicarious liability of employers for the actions of their employees in Bezuidenhout.

We have a long history of cultural diversity, which speaks for itself and is testament to our culture of inclusivity.


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